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Studfall Infant Academy

Our Curriculum


Intent and Ethos

The academy aims to deliver a broad, balanced, relevant and accessible curriculum to all pupils. We work hard to ensure that work meets the individual child’s needs.

All curricular areas are taught in accordance with the National Curriculum or Foundation Stage requirements. The core subjects are English, Maths and Science and these are taught in conjunction with Design and Technology (D&T), Art, Music, Physical Education (P.E.), Geography and History. Religious Education (R.E.) is also taught on a weekly basis, and Information Technology (I.T.) is taught across all areas of the curriculum as well as discreet skills based teaching. We also ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of our children and community and develop topics and areas of study to reflect their context - for example - taking care of our environment. 

The academy uses a variety of teaching methods including whole class, paired work, individual and group work to ensure that children get the most from their lessons. 

Teachers quickly identify exceptionally bright children and every effort is made to encourage these children to develop their potential. Links with Studfall Junior Academy are strong and their advice and loan of curricular material is sought if a child advances beyond the resources we have in the academy. We also ensure that skills developed across the curriculum and areas of study are progressive. We have worked on this as joint whole school training sessions, and we have a shared vision. 

In addition to encouraging success in academic areas, we also endeavour through the curriculum to encourage children to be members of society by raising their awareness of such issues as citizenship, health and safety, the environment, personal and social education and economic and industrial understanding. Through teaching and example, we hope to pass on to each child the attitudes and values which will help them to be part of a helpful and caring society - these are identified in our curriculum intent.

Curriculum Definitions:

When collating this approach  we have agreed the following definitions:

Intent – everything that happens in the curriculum up to the point of delivering it (before the teaching)

Implementation – everything that happens in the classroom (the teaching)

Impact – children knowing more, remembering more and understanding more


Our Studfall Journey 

The curriculum is planned around different themes, each year group will focus on a different topic each term.  The boards below are designed to represent the topics and themes covered in each year group.