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Studfall Infant Academy

Home Learning 20th April 2020

Hello to our wonderful families,

We hope you have all had a chocolate filled Easter break and have enjoyed the sunshine - I know we have! 

We have put together some activities for you all to look at and work through together, it isn't intended to be hours worth of work, so please bear that in mind. We are not expecting you to become your child's teacher by any means, more to think of this time as 'homework' that will hopefully help your child to keep using all that they have learnt at school so far, as we know that in order to remember new skills we have to use them regularly!

We have added a number of resources, we are aware that not all parents are able to print these at home and so we would recommend that you use these as a guide to help you with ideas. How you do this is left entirely up to you; all of the writing activities can go straight on to any paper while the children look at the pictures to give them ideas of what to write, the maths can be done using physical objects and often this is easier and makes more sense for children, anything else you cannot print you can look at and discuss with your child - e.g. sequencing the story could be done just by pointing at and describing the beginning, middle and end. As always if you are not sure how to use a resource just ask! 

Don't forget you can showcase what your child has been doing either on Flipgrid or on 2Simple, we would love to see any learning they are doing - retelling stories can be written or a video, maths can be written or videoed too, but please remember we love to see the children having fun too!

Please do what you can and do not put added stress on yourselves or your children, that being said if you feel that your child needs more stimulation and you have the time and the means to support them in this then of course we are all at the end of an email to help you with ideas!