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Studfall Infant Academy


Home learning

"Play is the highest form of research"  Albert Einstein 

In nursery the majority of our learning is through practical experiences and play. Through play your child is developing their cognitive, socio-emotional and physical skills. They are also developing their curiosity, problem-solving, verbal and non-verbal skills. In other words, through play they are developing their skills for life.  
There are also some wonderful websites and videos on YouTube you can use go support your child's learning at home. Please find a link to some below, this is not exhaustive:

Phonics alphabet song   (KidsTV123)

Counting nursery songs  (Super simple songs)


Dance songs  (Pinkfong)

Elibrary of books (Oxford Owls)

We especially like the ones below in nursery: 

Kids Zumba The freeze dance

YouTube Counting to 20 song

Take care

The nursery team