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Studfall Infant Academy


Welcome to Studfall Infant Academy Nursery Page

"Play is the highest form of research"  Albert Einstein 

In nursery the majority of our learning is through practical experiences and play. Through play your child is developing their cognitive, socio-emotional and physical skills. They are also developing their curiosity, problem-solving, verbal and non-verbal skills. In other words, through play they are developing their skills for life. 

Meet The Nursery Team


      Miss Swan   Mrs Parsons   Mrs Smith     Mrs Clayton    Mrs Moon      Miss Naylor

Summer Term In Nursery 

This term our topic is 'All Creatures Great And Small.' We are learning about some the creatures that inhabit our world, from the largest to the smallest. We are finding out about animals that only come out in the dark and those than can look invisible in their surroundings. We are also looking at animals that we have as pets (and animals that we couldn't have as pets) and the different kind of pets that people have all around the world. We learn about these creatures through stories and videos and are learning lots of new words like nocturnal, camouflage and hibernation.  
We are excited to start preparing for big school and are learning lots about comparing numbers and counting, as well as shapes and measures.
We are also starting the exciting journey into reading by learning the rules of reading and also some letter sounds so that we can begin to read some simple words. We use super free online reading library called Epic, which all the children can access at home. The link to this is below. 
We love sharing our photos on Facebook regularly, so you can experience what we do in nursery.

We have spaces available for this September 2021. We offer full time places of 30 hours (9.00am-3.00pm) and part-time places, mornings (9.00am-12.00pm) and afternoons (12.30pm-3.00pm).

If you are interested please contact our school office on 01536 264540 or email 

If you have any questions about your child in nursery please email the nursery teacher Miss Swan at: