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Studfall Infant Academy

School Council

As a school we are very proud of its excellent school council. The school council members are very positive and committed, and over the last year, have been involved in some fabulous successes regarding ways to raise money for local charities. We are currently  meeting on a regular basis to discuss issues that are important to our school. 

The school council is established annually by electing representatives from each class in Year 1 and they will remain in this role until the end of year 2 . Elections take place at the start of October and one pupil is chosen by class members to represent them at school council meetings. Once elected, the representatives attend regular meetings during afternoon sessions to discuss issues raised by anyone in the school.

The meetings is support by Mrs Graham and Mrs McKenzie , but the representatives of school council are responsible for reporting back to their classes. Over the past few years, the school council have helped to improve the school in many ways.

The role of a school councillor

  • Attend regular meetings
  • Feedback to the class
  • Think of ideas
  • Give opinions
  • Be confident in themselves
  • Represent their class