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Studfall Infant Academy


The Academy has  guidelines on dress and all pupils will be expected to wear the full Academy uniform. The wearing of our distinctive uniform gives pupils a sense of ‘belonging’, helps foster a pride in the Academy and stops pupils coming to the Academy in unsuitable clothes. We do not insist that families buy the uniform with logos on - but would ask that you stick with the  colours beneath. 

Please note that we have a number of uniform items available for families free of charge. Please come to the main school office where these items are kept. This is a great way of recycling good quality uniforms. 

Online Ordering :

You can order uniform  by visiting . 

You will find all the instructions you need to order online on the website. 

Uniform Details:

  • Purple academy sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper
  • White or academy white with purple trim Polo Shirt
  • Grey or Black trousers, skirt or pinafore

In summer:

  • Grey or black shorts or Purple/white summer dress   
  • Grey or white socks or tights             
  • Black or grey shoes     
  • Academy uniform fleeces/ waterproof jackets are available and are popular all the year round

Please click on the attachments below for the order form and more information